Project Management for Project Sponsors

Being a Project Sponsors is not a spectator sport!

Many Project Sponsors truly believe that all they need to do is approve budgets, occasionally ask the Project Manager for a progress report and announce that they have an open door policy. The reality is quite different. The list of a Sponsor’s responsibilities toward his/her project is long, and the role requires both time and commitment.

Project Sponsor Course

In providing a Project Sponsor course Mike Nolan Management Services ensures that participants understand their Governance responsibilities and have the skills to exercise overall control and direction of a project. As well as having a good knowledge of Project Management principles and practice, the Sponsor must have the skills to define the purpose of the project, sets strategies for attaining the purpose and gives authority for the use of resources to implement the defined strategies.

Governance provides the structure that links process, resources and the business strategies and objectives. Good Governance ensures:

  • Accountability for what is planned and implemented
  • Business aims are met
  • Risk is balanced against return

This course provides a clear set of guidelines and effective Governance principles to:

  • Provide for a clear allocation of responsibility and accountability
  • Ensure that the decision-making process at the Governance level is understood

The course ensures an understanding of:

  • Project Management principles and practice
  • The Governance role of leadership, strategic direction, control and accountability
  • The Management role of administration and delivery

This course targets those who undertake the Sponsor roll for projects. Each participant will receive detailed training material and templates which can be used in their projects.

The course will be customised to your business and the types of projects it undertakes.

Ideal timetable: 1 full day

What our students are saying...

  • I have enjoyed learning the methodology – and reflecting on the projects I have run with much of this in my head or on separate lists.  I now have a good appreciation of the discipline involved.

    Terry Foster, Techport Australia

  • Now that I know how to better manage projects, hopefully my future projects will all be a great success. I’m sure that this qualification will also help to open more doors for me.

    Dominique Case, ASC Pty Ltd

  • I have just completed the Project Management Diploma course and it is one of the best training courses I have ever attended and gained a lot of value from it.

    Anthony Cook, Electranet

  • Mike delivered a very successful Project Management workshop for our staff.  Feedback was positive as he clearly shows his depth of experience and knowledge

    Jenny Bee, Courts Administration Authority

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