Project Management Mentoring

In business, and government particularly, it is all too often assumed that anyone can “do” project management – that is, anyone can be a Project Manager.

The project shortfalls that flow from this assumption are hardly surprising.

Most people are not taught how to manage projects. Instead, they are thrown into an ad hoc project team which is expected to deliver value and quality.

Without training, experience, knowledge or guidance, the ad hoc project team will invariably fail and its project will deliver neither value nor quality. What is delivered, however, is a stressed, burned-out project team, eighty hour weeks, unreasonable expectations, many reworks, low morale, lots of wasted money and an unhappy client.

The involvement of an experienced project manager also gives the organisation confidence that it will achieve a successful project, on time and on budget.

The mentoring of project managers while they work in real time on a real project in the workplace is, perhaps, the best way to teach professional project management skills.

The MNMS Project Mentoring and Oversight Team provides this service – which includes assistance with project planning, attendance at Project Team meetings and the provision of advice to the Project Manager & the Project Sponsor throughout the life of the project.

Bringing the experience of the MNMS team to your project will ensure a much greater chance of success, less stress, better control of the project and a happier client.

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