Systems Development

Getting your systems right, and used and understood by your staff is essential for a successful organisation.

Mike Nolan Management Services offers an extensive range of services that will improve your organisations performance and therefore your bottom line.

Services Include:

1.    Project management systems

The first step for any organisation who wishes to excel in the management of projects is to have a Corporate Project Management Framework which includes policies, procedures and templates in place.  MNMS can develop customized best practice frameworks for your organisation.

2.    Procurement management

MNMS can provide customised procurement policies, processes and procedures for your organisation to ensure that all legal and administrative requirements are met.

3.    Risk management

To manage risk at a corporate and project level organisations require appropriate policies, processes and procedures aligned with their risk profile and AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009.  MNMS can provide the necessary system of Risk management to manage risk in your organisation.

4.    Strategic planning and Business planning

MNMs can provide action orientated Strategic and Business planning methodologies and templates. Mike Nolan also has extensive experience to lead you organisation in such planning.

We can also design a course to suit your organisation ...Find Out More